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Posted by on Mar 9, 2011 in News | 0 comments

News from the Coach House Stables

Several people have expressed an interest in the riding school activities, so I thought I would write a short article about us.  You may remember I have previously written articles about my race pony “Gemini” and Jack Quinlan.  Gemini is still going strong, and has been a hunt horse for the Essex hunt for the past 3 seasons,  he loves his new job and goes from strength to strength, as does Jack, who was born in Chippenham, is having a good first season as an amateur jockey having ridden11 winners under rules,  and 5 point-to-pointing all trained by his mum Jo Quinlan.  His sister Megan, who was also born here, rides my young horse Nelson, and will start going to shows and events this season.  She now lives in Red Lodge.
We have had a tough winter, what with the cold weather which made keeping the horses with a good supply of water almost impossible, and clients being unable to get here too. To make matters worse we have been a key member of staff down since September but spring is only round the corner, and by the time this goes to print Vanessa, my new head person will be here.  Vanessa comes from Nottingham and brings with her a horse, Legend,  and a dog called Perry.  She has a wealth of experience teaching and running riding schools, so we are looking forward to her joining the team.
All the horses and ponies have wintered well in spite of the cold, but recently we had a scare with Big Bella (the shire) who suddenly became very ill.  The vet was called, and she was only given a 50-50 chance of pulling through.  However she is made of tough stuff and after only one treatment, pulled round, and is now, thank goodness back to her old self.  We have one new addition called “Butterfly” who is a very cheeky small pony.  She is settling in well, and I think she would like to rule the roost!
You may have noticed that the “Pits” where Fred used to keep his animals many years ago, is beginning to have a long overdue face lift.  We have now rented this area for the riding school, and plan to make the area a credit to the village instead of an eyesore.  Poor Kevin has this task  and has already made a marvellous start.  We have renamed it “Chippenham Hollow” rather than the “Pits” to help the new image!
You can now follow us on “Facebook” Coach House Riding School  – “Twitter” CoachHouseRide and “YouTube” CoachHouseRiding, and we will be launching a new look website this summer, so watch this space!