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Posted by on May 19, 2011 in News | 0 comments

Attention Dog Walkers

We are pleased that so many dog walkers use our permissive paths round
the allotments and horses fields, which we maintain to a high level, by
grass cutting and weed control. 
However, sadly there are a minority of thoughtless dog walkers who are abusing this by not picking up the dog
poo, thereby making the grass cutting and maintenace of machinery very unpleasant. If you haven’t got a poo bag with you please flick it into
the hedge or long grass that isn’t maintained.

Recently on two separate occasions walkers were seen were seen
encouraging their dogs to go into our horses baths then wash them! Please can you
not let your dogs enter the fields and use the baths to swim or wash them
in. It is very wasteful both of water and of our time to continually scrub
and refill them. Please, if anyone sees this happening approach these
people and explain that this is not on.

We wish people to continue to enjoy the area but please respect the
people that pay rent for it and work on it. It would be a shame to close
these permissive paths, but in a duty to our staff and clients we may have
to do it.

Linda Porter-Cohen

Coach House Riding School

Tel: 01638 720415