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Posted by on Aug 2, 2011 in News | 0 comments

From The Rector August 2011

Even though my holiday is still 67 ½ days away I can’t wait! I love holidays
(the term is derived from Holy Days – and I’m in favour of those too!) and
they are just around the corner for many of us! The children will be off
school, so no more yelling to get them out of the house on time and then
rushing home for the forgotten homework/ P.E. kit/ show &amp tell item… And
of course our endless optimism that the sun will shine and the BBQ will get
its annual work out and all is well with the world. Holidays are precious and
needed it is good to enjoy them.  For me they have to be sunny and end-
less childhood holidays in France have meant that I speak French when I am
‘abroad’ in France or not – a tad embarrassing for the rest of the family it
has to be said.

As I said I can’t wait for my annual pilgrimage to the sun and I hope that
lots of you will find time for a break too, at home or away. It seems to me
that the real essence of a holiday is about breaking our rituals &amp routines
(you know the ones – it’s Tuesday so it must be Shepherd’s Pie…) and
spending quality time with ourselves and our loved ones.  Finding time to
have an uninterrupted conversation, finish a book, and watch a film, or just
a moment to sit and think and tackle that thorny problem you’ve been put-
ting off.  Holidays take us out of ourselves and to a new place, sometimes
geographically and sometimes within ourselves.

Now, I don’t know what Jesus would make of the 14day package deal, but
the Bible does tell us that he spent plenty of time away from the hub of
things.  In the Gospel stories Jesus often takes himself off by himself, or
goes into the wilderness or even gets into a boat so he can sit in silence in
the middle of the lake – he, like us needed time to reflect, to rest and to
pray and think of a way forward, a way which co-operates with God’s love in the
world. It’s a good pattern to copy.
So when you feel the rush of heat as you step of a plane this year, or
when you sit with your feet in a river or lake with a cold drink in your
hand, or when you lie with your toes in the sand pause and thank God
for all you have and have a jolly good rest! I plan to.