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Posted by on Sep 15, 2011 in News | 0 comments

From The Rector September 2011

It’s a sunny afternoon as I write, and thoughts of riots, the possible fall of the Libyan Government and economic woes at home and abroad seem to be very far off. The anniversary of 9/11 passed in a reflective and thoughtful mood, giving us all time to think through the meaning and how we should live our lives. An exploding wheel on an agricultural lorry caused consternation in Chippenham, but no one was hurt, and was this really the high spot of a quiet afternoon in the country? But that’s an illusion, isn’t it? The recent violence and looting on our streets seem to be very far away from the apparent tranquillity of our rural idyll.

But all these issues and many others really do make an impact on us all, and, I am very sure, we will all have very clear views about where we stand on them all. And what should be done about them all. And what the consequences might be.

That’s where our Christian faith makes such a difference. Our church buildings too, are silent and majestic witnesses through so many centuries, with Chippenham celebrating 900 years and more, and Snailwell too of similar early vintage. They stand for those eternal values of love, joy, peace, harmony and justice which Jesus himself spoke so eloquently about all that time ago. We are blessed, too, with God’s Word in our Bibles, showing how so many have responded to God’s call to them over the centuries. We need to read the Bible through the lens of our own experience, but Jesus’ parables and teachings still have fundamental relevance to our lives today and our dealings with each other and speak powerfully to us all. All this makes a difference, whether you worship with us regularly, occasionally, or not yet! Do stop us to speak of how you are feeling, and what for you are the central concerns in your lives too, and join us on Sundays.

God bless.