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Posted by on Sep 15, 2011 in News | 0 comments

Neighbourhood Panels

Neighbourhood Panels are your opportunity to tell agencies working in your area what you would like to see improved and will ultimately make your locality a better place to live.  The last Soham and East area Neighbourhood Panel meeting was held on Wednesday 29th June and amongst other things, reported back on what we’ve been doing to address some of your issues of concern including:

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) at Barleyfields Estate, Soham

•    the seizure of alcohol from young persons,
•    confiscation of tobacco from a juvenile
•    a S27 Dispersal Notice for an intoxicated male.

The outcome was that anti-social behaviour had reduced and the residents felt that things had improved.

Parking and driving offences across the Panel area

•    142 penalty tickets had been issued in this quarter
•    a S59 warning was given to a driver who was wheel spinning,
•    a vehicle was seized for not having insurance cover.

Some of the other issues that were addressed were:

A recent review of speed limits along the A142 has concluded that there was unlikely to be any road safety advantage in reducing the existing limit in this location. The A142 junction with Qua Fen is suitably signed, and a recent maintenance inspection identified no need to improve the physical condition of the road in the area

Following a query from Soham Town Council, the County Council has confirmed that it is actively exploring opportunities for communities to have a greater involvement in winter service arrangements such as gritting. Interested Parishes are invited to contact Claire Robson in the Highways Team:

The issue of securing road safety improvements to minor roads, especially reductions in speed limits, has been raised many times at many Panel meetings across the District. The County Council has taken this on board and have revised its speed limit policy. Under the new policy, where the county council is unable to respond to a request for a change in speed limit in a settlement, because it does not
meet the criteria , local communities will be able to decide on the setting of speed limits in their settlements, provided that they are willing to cover the costs involved. The new policy can be seen in full on this link:

A member of the Speedwatch team in Wicken stated that his team had recorded over 25 vehicles traveling at 35mph+ in the space of an hour.  This has been a significant piece of work that will assist the police in identifying hotspots for speeding.

It was reported that Chippenham residents had taken matters into their own hands to remove unsightly litter from their village and picked up 61 bags of rubbish. If you have local community residents that wish to undertake a local litter pick, please contact East Cambs District Council 01353 665555.

What you have asked us to address next

The Panel agreed that the policing priorities for July – Sept 2011 should be:

•    ASB at Barleyfields Estate, Soham
•    Inconsiderate/obstructive parking throughout the Panel area.

The Panel agreed that the new (non-policing) priorities should be:

•    Litter and chewing gum issues throughout Panel area