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Posted by on Apr 7, 2012 in News | 0 comments

From The Rector April 2012

From the Three Rivers Group Associate Priest Rev’d Kate Peacock Tel – 723690

If I’d have been organised and written this last week, I’d have spoken of the lovely daffs out by my front door, the gentle move from thick woolly jumpers to thinner ones, and of the sunshine perfectly illuming all the dust in my house; but as it is, we had snow yesterday, the thick jumpers are back on and the radiators stoically pumping out heat. Life is a bit unpredictable!

But, so are most things! Just when I think I’ve got something sorted, something completely out of left field interrupts me! A priest once said to me – if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans! What we have in store for ourselves is so often not what God has for us; and my experience happily is that God’s way is often deeply challenging but also ultimately transforming. God calls us into life, and this isn’t necessarily the easy way or the straightforward way, or even the obvious way; but it is God’s way. Sometimes it takes years to see the bigger picture, sometimes we see straight away, and sometimes I suspect it will take until we reach Heaven to see things from God’s perspective. But God’s plans for us are surprising and unique to each of us.

As you read this Easter is imminent (or even already been and gone, depending on when you find 5 mins to sit with your cuppa and peruse this fine publication!), and Easter is all about change and transformation. The totally unexpected happened. The disciples thought Jesus had gone, they mourned, they were angry, they were hurt and disappointed – emotions we’ve all felt in our own grief.  But then the most radical and surprising thing happened – the tomb was empty, Jesus was and is alive! Initially they all thought the disciples were drunk, so ridiculous was the notion that Jesus had risen.  But not drunk just transformed form death to life. There was rejoicing, tears and weeping, hugs and radiant grins.

Death was not to be feared, dying and the tomb no longer the end. God had written a different final chapter which would go on and on forever.

Ours is a God who surprises us; life from death, resurrection from the tomb.  God is of big surprises and little ones; an act of kindness, an unexpected forgiveness, a kind generous gesture, a welcome, a smile. God surprises us all the time, maybe we should try and do likewise and surprise each other- a kindness, a generosity, a helping hand and a willing heart. This Easter may we surprise each other and allow God to surprise us too!

Happy Easter Kate