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Oil Buying Cooperative – Next Order 9th April

Deadline for ordering: midnight MONDAY 9th April 2012

Target Order 10,000 litres.

Orders to: or card to 47 High St, Chippenham.

Any orders left by email will always be acknowledged; if you do not get a reply, I haven’t received your order. I will keep a note of any special needs such as access requirements., let me know if you wish to change these.

  • The minimum delivery is 500 litres; this is a Trading Standards ruling because of the accuracy of lorry gauges.To get the minimum ask for 500 litres; do not ask for a” top up” because you might get a “fill up”.
  • Orders will be collated and placed shortly after the order deadline and deliveries may or may not begin the same week.The price will not be known until the order is placed and the supplier may ring for payment before delivery (failure to reply to this call may put your order in jeopardy) or bill you direct after delivery.
  • Please be aware that most suppliers now add 2% to the invoice for credit card payment. Debit cards and cheques attract no surcharge.

Thank you to the 37 people who joined up to buy 23,000 litres in December. We saved £35 each on a 1,000 litre fill!
After 4 bulk orders I am pleased to say that 46 Chippenham and 3 Snailwell households are involved so far.

After April the next order will be placed in June2012

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