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Chippenham Oil Co-Op First Year Review

We have just completed the first annual cycle of 6 bimonthly bulk orders. Here are some interesting facts:

  1.   We have bought nearly 80,000 litres of oil

  2.   There are 53 addresses, including the Church and the Village Hall,  most of which order regularly

  3.   We made a typical saving of just under 3p per Litre, or £42 on  average each.

  4.   I now call 7 different suppliers each time, prices vary hugely, so it is worth phoning round

  5.   This graph shows the variability of the prices:

Oil Purchase Graph

August seems to be the cheapest month, as many are away on holiday apparently, and so demand is lowest.

In February, despite having our biggest volume order, the saving was very  small; however there was a cold snap then which caused a spike in demand.

I am happy to continue the administration of this co-op. I am not going to make any administration charge, as some others do, but I do propose giving a “tithe” of the savings that I have made to the  St Margaret’s Restoration fund. If we all did that it would raise £220.

If you would like to place an order for June delivery, please let me have your requirements by midnight on 5th June. You know the form by now!

James Hurst

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