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Posted by on Oct 8, 2013 in News | 0 comments

Pantomime Tickets Now On Sale

It is 18 years since Chippenham’s Strange Fruits productions raised the roof with their last pantomime – but they are back with ROBYN HOOD!  It will be a rollicking, roistering panto for all the family.  Written, produced & performed by Chippenham Villagers.
It is set in the late 12th century and Robin Hood’s deeds of derring-do are now history.
The Merry Men have retired & spend their time drinking & carousing, living off past glories. However, the Sheriff of Chippenham, goaded by his ambitious wife, Lady Wormtongue, is up to his old tricks again, taxing & torturing the poor folk. The evil Sir Guy of Gazeley is only too happy to carry out the Sheriff’s cruel instructions, & increase the coffers of greedy Prince John.
King Richard the Lionheart is away on another crusade, but he dispatches a loyal follower to return to the shire & find out what is going on. But what of Robin Hood? Is there no hope for downtrodden & poor? Cue mayhem as the ‘Mini-men’ come to Robin’s aid, to foil the Sheriff’s plotting & scheming, & win back the heart of Maid Marion.
A whole host of supporting characters join in the fun in this rollicking tale of good against evil, with much singing & dancing along the way to the final climax inside the walls of Chippenham Castle.

Tickets now on sale –  Details