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Posted by on Jun 6, 2014 in News | 0 comments

News from the Coach Hose Riding School

The school closure is beginning to feel real now as we have sold all the bigger horses we had planned to sell; we still have Merlin, Bella and Tosh who will all be staying here as will Nelson and Bambi of course! We will be keeping the ponies and giving lessons till the end of the summer holidays. We have lots of grass now which is a great delight to all our Equines – we just have to make sure they don’t over indulge and make themselves ill!

Bambi has had a few birthday parties to attend and had a visit from the “Lark Valley” Association who were very impressed with her. They also had a tour round the “Old Mill” stud which they thoroughly enjoyed. She has had her spring haircut and has been sporting her pink “hearts” outdoor rug which I hope to be able to remove if it ever warms up.

Nelson has been out competing quite a bit, and been quite successful winning two jumping classes the other weekend as well as a third place in a tough dressage class. We do have to make sure he doesn’t get so fat that he can’t heave himself over the jumps!

We try to keep everyone up to date with our “e” newsletters and Face book pages.

Paths round the Allotments.

I am sure you all noticed Kevin has sprayed round the edges of the tracks and has been busy mowing them so you can walk round without getting wet grass round your legs. Sadly there are still dog walkers who do not pick up after their dogs; this is most unpleasant to mow and other people including children step in it. Please be vigilant and if you see anyone not clearing up after their dog please remind them these are private tracks that can be closed at any time.

Linda and Kevin