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Posted by on Dec 22, 2015 in News |

Don’t Be A Victim Of Burglary

This information has been sent on behalf of Cambridgeshire Constabulary

Please take time to read the advice below, taking simple measures to secure your home makes it far less likely you will be our next crime victim.
• Deny easy access to the rear of your property, the vast majority of homes burgled have been accessed from the rear where it is less likely the property is over looked.
• Lock all windows and doors, this may sound like a simple measure, but you’d be surprised the amount of householders that still leave their doors unlocked and leave the home unoccupied. Lock your doors even if you are at home, this time of year is especially notorious for opportunists to try door handles, would you hear someone come through your door if you were upstairs or in another room?
• Install motion activated lighting, this alerts you and neighbours of any movement in your garden, burglars prefer to work in the dark unnoticed.
• Don’t have large sums of cash in your property, keep your jewellery in an imaginative place, the first place a burglar will look is your dressing table or bedside cabinets.
• Keep valuables out of sight, if an offender looked through your window would they see something worth breaking in for?
• If you are going away and leaving your property unoccupied, use timer switches for lighting in rooms that are normally lived in, not your hallway, this is a giveaway you are not home. Ask a neighbour to pull your curtains morning and night, if this isn’t an option, keep them open.

For further advice please contact Sue Loaker Crime Reduction Officer Tel:101