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Posted by on Feb 22, 2016 in News |

Shed Security

Following recent thefts from sheds and outbuildings the Police have reissued their advice for shed security:

Access – How easy is it to access your rear garden? Protect the boundary and access of your garden. A hedge or fencing at a height of 2metres is a good barrier. Fit a strong, lockable high gate to deny easy access to the rear of the property. Thieves dislike gravel as it is noisy to walk on? Do not use barbed or razor wire or other harsh toppings on top of a fence or wall. You could be held legally responsible for any injuries caused.

Location – Locate your garden shed so that you can clearly see the door and window while you are still within your property.

Locks – Use a good quality padlock/hasp or a motice lock on the door. If using a hasp ensure the screws are covered and cannot be easily tampered with. Anti- tamper screws are available or the use of coach bolts a closed shackle padlock is less easy to access and cut with a bolt cropper. If fitting a mortice lock ensure the door panel and frame are strong enough to hold the fixtures.

Hinges – Having protected the locking side of the shed door, look at the hinges to make sure they are not easily removed. Again, use anti-tamper screws.

Doors – Make sure the door panels are strong enough preventing them being easily kicked in or forced using bodily pressure.

Windows – Deter window shopping by obscuring the view inside the shed, use netting or even a black bin bag on the interior. Fitting Perspex or laminated glass will offer good protection.

Lighting – Illuminate the shed with PIR lighting, thieves dislike being seen, the light will be a good deterrent.

Alarms – If you have a house alarm, consider extending the coverage to your shed. Stand alone shed alarms are available or a contact alarm that fits to the door. Alarms are available from East Cambs Crime Reduction Officer, Sue Loaker at a cost of £8:50 Tel: 101

Valuables – Use a ground or wall anchor to secure cycles, lawn mowers and other valuable items. Visibly and permanently mark your property, this helps to identify the property as being yours and makes it less desirable for a thief.