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An update from the Parish Council Chairman

East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC) local plan and potential development sites in Chippenham 

I am pleased to announce that two potential development sites within our Parish have not been put forward as part of East Cambridgeshire District Council’s Local Plan.  The Parish Council was first made aware of the potential sites in June, one on land adjacent to Scotland End ( approximately 16 houses) and the other on the boundary with Red Lodge (approximately 400 houses). We discussed the matter at our June and July council meetings with further discussion with ECDC councillors at our August meeting. As part of ECDC consultations with Parish Councils we submitted our comments and objections within the required timeframe.  We understood at that stage that the final choice of sites would be made by the Council in November and would then be subject to usual scrutiny and  public consultation.  If the sites in Chippenham had been selected,  we had plans in place to hold public meetings in the village during January and February.

ECDC will consider the Local Plan and potential development sites at the next full council meeting and the list of sites to be taken forward will confirmed. A period of public consultation will follow and it may be that the final list of sites changes. At this point however, the two Chippenham sites are not being put forward.

This means that any new building within the Parish will most likely be developed on suitable “in-fill sites” but there can be little doubt that,  in line with current Government policy, we will be under pressure to consider development within the village in the coming years.

If you have any question or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Sally Hughes (our Clerk) or one of the Parish Councillors.


It is with great regret that I have to announce that Kevin Pallant will be retiring as the village “Master of Fireworks”. Kevin has over the last sixteen years or so provided some fantastic displays for the village,  whatever the weather conditions, and always with health and safety at the forefront of his mind.  Kevin’s first performance, following  a course with Kimbolton Fireworks, was for the Millennium celebrations and since then he has fired over 25 displays including bonfire nights, weddings and birthday celebrations. I am sure you will agree that his last show was a spectacular finale to his career as the village “Pyro-technician” I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Kevin (and all his helpers over the years including Terry Cross  – assistant pyro-technician ; James Broad – funding : Steve Procter – bonfires,  and many others, too many to mention ) for all his hard work,  and for the pleasure and excitement he has given the whole village over the years.  Thank you Kevin – you can now put away your” lighting stick”, relax, and put your feet up in November !

At this point we are unclear if we will be able to continue with the annual village fireworks as the costs have been escalating in recent years. The cost of the fireworks for this year’s display was over £1600, although over £500 was recouped through the collection buckets on the night. Whilst the Parish Council also makes a sizeable contribution, it is becoming increasing difficult to fund the event.

If anyone has any ideas or proposals on how we might continue with the annual fireworks, in a sustainable way, we would be delighted to hear from you either directly to Sally Hughes or alternatively  to James Broad.

And finally…

As the festive season approaches, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on behalf of the Parish Council.   I would also like to offer my personal thanks to Sally, our clerk, all our councillors ( Fiona, Nick, Nick, Paul, Len and Wendy), our newsletter editor, Lauren, all our various newsletter distributors, and finally our webmaster, Andrew, for their help and support over the last year. There is lot of hard work and effort that goes on behind the scenes.

Nick Parsons

Chairman of Chippenham Parish