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Three Rivers Community Car Scheme 

Did you know – the car scheme will be eight years old in July 2017?

In its first six months there were a total of 9 journeys covering 282 miles.

Now in the last six months of 2016 there were 264 journeys covering almost 5000 miles.

In eight years our volunteer drivers have given almost 2000 lifts.

When you no longer drive or live with someone who does, the number of appointments you have doesn’t suddenly decrease. Getting to appointments does, however, become more difficult. Even if there is a bus stop near by, using the bus isn’t always either possible or easy and the bus timing doesn’t necessarily fit in with the arrangements you are offered.

The aim of the car scheme is to assist those who have difficulty in getting to a doctor appointment or visiting a friend.

Volunteers give their time willingly and freely to support the community.

If we have enough volunteer drivers it means no one will find it takes up too much time and no one who requests a lift will be refused because there’s no driver.

It’s a friendly service, there’s time for a chat in the car.

A journey by car we all know can be brief. The same journey by bus can take half a day.

At present, the passenger pays 25 pence per mile from the driver’s home and back and the scheme is subsidised by Cambridge City Council.

The requests for lifts are increasing and comments from passengers are always of appreciation.


Needed. – a Car Scheme volunteer.

Can you spare a little time to take someone to an appointment who would otherwise find it difficult to get there?

If you would like more information and to speak to someone who is already a volunteer please phone 07549 892 322 .

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