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Chippenham Park

Chippenham Park, near Newmarket, has a rich history. The best stretches of wooded country in the Cambridgeshire landscape often turn out to be the remains of 18th-century parks surrounding surprisingly little-known country houses. Typical of these is Chippenham Park, which lies between Ely and Newmarket. The house, seen from the

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About Chippenham

To a casual visitor, Chippenham might seem to be in a time warp. On the surface it seems little changed from the days when the village existed only to house workers on the estate. The lovely row of pink and yellow William and Mary cottages are still there on the

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Chippenham Girls Friendly Society 1928

Photograps of the Chippenham Girls Friendly Society in 1928. In the centre of a group of Tennis players is Mrs Tharp. The photographs were taken from a cutting from the Newmarket Journal dated 16 January 1975 that had been kept by Fred Fuller. They had been lent to the Journal by

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Chippenham and Badlingham 1940-1950

A personal history of Chippenham and Badlingham Apart from the war years when my father was in the RAF I lived in Badlingham from 1937 to 1954.I attended the village school where the Head Mistress was Miss Bridgeman and infant teacher Mrs Smith. Both teachers lived in Soham and used

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