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Oil Co-Op

Oil Buying Co-operative for Chippenham Village

Oil Buying CooperativeThere is an Oil Buying Cooperative in Chippenham Village that buys heating oil in bulk (orders > 10,000 litres) to save money.  There is no commitment to buy or a cost to join, but you may have to pay for the oil before it is delivered.

How It Works

Target Order a minimum of 10,000 litres. First come first served.  Order by emailing or by dropping a card to 47 High Street

Any orders left by email will always be acknowledged; if you do not get a reply, James hasn’t received your order.

Any orders left by card will always be acknowledged by a card; if you do not get a reply, James hasn’t received your order.

James will keep a note of any special requirements, such as needing a phone call the day before delivery to arrange access please let him know if you wish to change these. The minimum delivery is 500 litres; this is a Trading Standards ruling because of the accuracy of lorry gauges. To get the minimum ask for 500 litres, do not ask for a” top up” because you might get a “fill up”.

Orders will be collated and placed shortly after the order deadline and deliveries may or may not begin the same week. The price will not be known until the order is placed and the supplier may ring for payment before delivery (failure to reply to this call may put your order in jeopardy) or bill you direct after delivery.

Please be aware that most suppliers now add 2% to the invoice for credit card payment. Debit cards and cheques attract no surcharge.

About The Idea

There is a growing tendency across Britain to establish oil buying co-operatives. There are different types of co-ops, but they basically work like this

  • Households pool their requirements in order to generate a large order of about 10,000 litres of heating oil.
  • This is then offered to a number of suppliers with the order going to the lowest price supplier.
  • The oil is delivered soon afterwards, and paid for by the householder directly to the oil company after delivery, but at the agreed group price.
  • The heating oil supply company can save lorry fuel and time by delivering a full load to one village on one day.
  • They also save a little internal admin time as they do not have to negotiate with each customer.
  • They can pass on some of this saving to the customers in the Oil Co-operative.

This is also a “green” activity, which will become more important for us all.

Some Problems and Solutions

Unclear orders-emails and cards only. If no response assume James will have not got your order.

Not everyone needing oil at the same time-this scheme works well if people use top ups, of the minimum 500 litres. This also spreads the pain of rising prices, as no one knows which way the prices will go next!

Special requirements (e.g. locks on gates) – these are recorded on a spread sheet and sent to the oil supplier with their order. If you request they will call you before delivering.

Some Other Facts

That is it. James has talked to a number of people who run these, and they say that the saving can be around 5p per litre, which is £50 per 1,000 litres. This co-op could save us each over £100 each per year!