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From the Rector January 2011

Well I suppose by now, January having passed in a blur of economising, worrying about making ends meet, eating up left over’s, trying ever more inventive recipes with cold turkey, holiday brochures flicked through, plans for the year half made, ……………….resolutions will also have been thought about, made in the

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From the Rector October 2010

We’re well into autumn, harvest festivals and thinking of the great festivals to come by the time you read this. And, at the start of November too, our annual remembrance of all those who have died or been injured and maimed in the wars of the last century, and in

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From The Rector December 2009

It’s a wet and about to be windy day as I write the leaves have mostly fallen from the trees, and the stark cold of winter awaits us. All looks bare, and the stunning colours of autumn have faded, the leaves fallen to the ground. Everything looks more black and

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From The Rector October 2009

Greetings. The summer appears to be well and truly over and the Autumn has started, both at school, and in the weather. And there are new starts here at St Peter &amp St Mary Magdalene’s too. At the end of June, in Ely Cathedral, Jenny Gage, our new Curate was

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From The Rector June 2009

As I sit here in my study – with beautiful views over the field, full of rabbits and a couple of horses, over to the allotments where gardeners are already hard at work, where the sun is shining, the birds busy with beaks full of twigs and worms, where the

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From The Rector April 2009

Some of the best April Fool’s I have seen in the past few years have included, a car without a steering wheel, from BMW purporting to have been developed in response to a new European Directive and taking a whole page in a national daily, an upside down library, designed

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From The Rector February 2009

Ely Diocese is 900 years old. Our five parishes here are in the south east of the Diocese, which stretches in the north almost to the doors of Peterborough Cathedral, and beyond to the village of Water Newton on the A1, and in the south west to Gamlingay. It is

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