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Secure Your Sheds

POLICE are urging residents to secure their sheds following a spate of break-ins. Around 15 sheds have been broken into in the past week in Ely with thieves targeting tools.  They have been overnight between Tuesday (February 21) and yesterday (February 23) at the Deacons Lane allotments.  Gardening equipment such

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Protect Batteries and Garden Equipment

Can I ask you all to be vigilant following an increase in the theft of batteries and gardening equipment across East Cambs. To protect vehicles with batteries and equipment where possible keep them in a secure garage or shed. If these are not available then try to keep them in

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Thieves In Chippenham!

There are thieves about. The lead off the south porch of the church has been taken, and it most likely that the perpetrators will be back. If anyone sees anything suspicious can they please call the police on 0345 456 4564

Warning About Thefts From Vans

Police are warning trades men and women to take any tools and equipment out of their vans following a spate of tools thefts in local villages. Please remove as many tools as you can and keep them somewhere safe. It’s a pain to take your kit out and put it

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Protecting Garden Equipment From Theft

Most of us have gardening tools and no doubt will soon be dusting it off for the start of the gardening season. This also usually becomes the start of a busy season for thieves who like to steal garden tools and sell it on to make a quick buck. The

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Seasonal Advice from the Police

Can I ask that if any of you have elderly or vunerable neighbours that you keep a close eye on them during this cold spell? Keeping warm over winter months can help prevent colds, flu or more serious health problems like pneumonia. Therefore, should you have any concerns then please

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ICE For Your Own Safety

It is designed to inform paramedics and emergency services of your ‘In Case of Emergency’ contact should you have an accident. Guidelines say: “ICE – In Case of Emergency Eight out often people aren’t carrying information that would help if they were involved in an accident. Storing next-of-kin details in

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