Naming of new development off Scotland End

East Cambs District Council has decided that the far spur of the new development can continue with the existing Scotland End numbering scheme but the near spur must be a new road name because of the lack of logical numbering options.

The parish council has put forward two options for consideration.  If you have any comments on either of these options then please contact ECDC before the deadline of 4th April.  All comments should be sent to: quoting reference STNN/22/133

The notice below is the official notice from East Cambs District Council.


Street Naming and Numbering – New Development – Scotland End, Chippenham

STNN/22/133 – New development – Scotland End Chippenham


The above development requires 1 new named street. The following names have been proposed:


  • Fen Close
  • Cherry Tree Close


The suggested names have met the Street Naming Conventions in accordance with the ECDC Street Naming and Numbering Policy.


Having interrogated the Local Land & Property Gazetteer (LLPG) database, the council sees no reason why the suggested street names could not be used at this location.



I would therefore be pleased to receive comments on or before Tuesday 04th April 2023 giving an explanation of any objection.

Please note, as per Section 17 of the Public Health Act 1925, developers who create the street have the right to name the new street unless objected to by the District Council. Objections to any of the proposed names should therefore be in accordance with the ECDC Street Naming and Numbering Policy, which can be found on our website: